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Transfer 0.5 Bitcoin Spam

keyboard with the word scam showing

There is a new spam email scam that has just recently started doing the rounds. The email will repeatedly send from different email addresses (showing different Bitcoin accounts to send money to as well) asking for 0.5BTC to be sent to an address to help a friend who is seriously ill but can be still be saved if money for their extremely high medical costs (supposedly $1 349 590) are raised.

The email will looks something like the following:


If уоu reсeived this mеssage, thеn yоu nеed to transfеr 0.5 bitсоins tо the purse qW3rT338tC5p

AAml001Oco9taaah оtherwisе you will rеceivе this lettеr permаnеntlу until yоu transfеr 0.5 bitсоin.


Whу аm I dоing this. A vеrу gооd pеrson is sеriоusly ill but cаn bе sаvеd, surgеry and mediсines will cоst а very lаrgе amоunt of $ 1 349 590. Еvеrуоne turnеd аwау frоm him аnd no оne wаnts to hеlр. Until thе right аmоunt оf money is cоlleсted, I will send yоu thesе mеssagеs.


If уоu wаnt it tо stop sоoner thеn trаnsfer 0.5 bitсоins. I аlso dо not likе this, but I will not allоw the death of а persоn bесаusе of the indifferеnсе оf рeoрle and gоvernment that do nоt helр аt аll.

You will likely get the email from a contact form on your website which will be sent through to your email inbox every half hour or so from various email addresses. The message will keep coming until you upgrade your security. It is 100% automated and it is extremely unlikely that the messages will stop once $1 349 590 is raised, so DO NOT pay money to the spammers no matter what.

0.5BTC is worth (at the time of writing) just under US$4000. Spend just a fraction of that to update your website security instead.

What Can You Do?

Update your website. Log into the back-end of your site and make sure all the plugins are up to date and your security setting are tight.

Add a Captcha code to your contact form so that it’s not so easy for bots to email you.

Review your website security to look for other vulnerabilities before they become much larger issues down the track.

Need Further Help?

Feel free to get in contact with us at admin@brisdigital.com.au or via our contact form if you need assistance in fixing up this vulnerability. We have developers that specialize website security, so not only can we help stop these emails but we can also set up processes to reduce future issues as well.