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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media is an important part of many companies digital marketing campaigns, and is an untapped resource for those who have not yet attempted to harness it power. Social signals now impact on Google’s organic rankings, and this trend is likely to increase in line with Social Media’s progressively invasive role of our everyday lives. Social media can also push more traffic to the money website therefore boosting online sales and/or leads. Continuous interaction with existing and potential customers also benefits businesses by building brand recall and loyalty. Through regular association and interaction, customers begin to perceive the business and its staff as more of a “friend” than they would with any other company, and this can be invaluable in today’s society when peer recommendations are so highly valued.

socialmediaDepending on your business niche, there are opportunities available to expand your marketing efforts, utilizing the numerous social media platforms available to you. Facebook is the most adopted platform, however even today when most companies may have a presence on Facebook, there are a large percentage of businesses who are still not maximizing their marketing through the under-utilization of their pages. Twitter is a mainstay of social media and can be extremely useful for building hype for PR, and for easy dissemination of information to people who are interested in your products and/or services. While it it not feasible for every business, there are many niches who can benefit greatly by building an online Twitter following.

The same can be said for Pintrest and Instagram. These social media mediums work especially well for female-centric sectors and markets that have a highly visual or impressive product line. Building a loyal following on these mediums can yield incredible results for suited businesses. With regular updates and engaging posts, interested parties become dedicated followers and when the time comes, discerning buyers. Google Plus is another social media platform that is becoming increasingly beneficial to connect up to and utilize.

In their quest for world domination, Google is pushing people towards using their platform by offering ranking incentives to those who choose to engage with it. For this reason we believe that it is integral to get involved now even if it doesn’t seem immediately beneficial. With Google’s monopoly of the Australian search engine market, you can be assured that social signals from Google’s platform will become increasingly valuable in the future. Check out Justin’s recent blog post about the potential repercussions for businesses that choose to ignore Google+.

There are a number of other social media platforms that may be relevant to your industry and can be utilized to boost your online presence and increase your bottom line. If you’d like to discuss a relevant strategy to give your business a much needed boost, or even just to inquire about your potential options, get in touch with us today.