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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A heatmap showing eyeball and click tracking on a typical Google search results page. As you can see the majority of people look and click towards the top left of the page. The red lines at the bottom of the image denote where people’s screens cut off before they scroll down. This line is commonly known as “the fold”.

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental aspect of any online strategy. With Google’s recent algorithm updates it is becoming harder and harder to “game” the system, which is why we focus on building quality, long-lasting backlinks that reflect your real world relationships, online. The days of directory listings and forum spam are long gone and Google is slowly making it harder and harder to rank without quality content and legitimate backlinks. There are still legions of SEO companies, most of whom outsource overseas for their link building, trying to rank with old methods, but unless you want to risk your business getting penalized or even banned from Google, it’s a good idea to review the quality of the work being done by any operator before trusting your online marketing to them.

Here at BrisDigital we do not engage in any black hat SEO methods. By conforming to Google’s SEO guidelines we do not put your business in danger of being penalized. We believe that a businesses backlink profile should show online its network of relationships offline, and we build our SEO strategies around this premise. Quality content that adds value to the online community is also an important part of our strategies, and we leverage through social media to disseminate our content throughout the web, aiding in the accruement of natural backlinks.

Case Study: Snowcentral

snowcentral logoSnowcentral is one of Australia’s premier ski and snowboard retailers. They’ve been providing Brisbane with quality snow gear and equipment for over 20 years. They approached BrisDigital, keen to build their authority in the online marketplace, and improve their brand’s organic rankings. Snowcentral’s website has been adversely affected by a Google algorithm update and they had tried many things in an attempt to resurrect their rankings, traffic to their online store was significantly decreased.

BrisDigital conducted a full technical review of the website and mapped out a strategy for Snowcentral. The digital strategy focus was on onsite improvements, content development and search engine optimisation. After only a few months with BrisDigital the increase in increasing traffic and sales was apparent. Snowcentral’s sales were up over the same periods in the previous year and they were able to invest more money into marketing due to their increased cashflow.

Rankings are still improving with the Snowcentral campaign, and further success is forecast for them as the amount of organic traffic and social referrals continually grow. From the beginning of the campaign 3 months ago, when compared to the same time last year.

42% increase in Website Revenue

52 % increase in Social Referrals

72% of keywords on Page 2 or lower now on First Page

70% of Visitors are New to the Website

The BrisDigital Difference

SEO is no longer just link building; and link building is no longer just something any one can do. In today’s online marketplace you need someone who knows about your business and it’s market, and is willing to get in contact with your partners, suppliers, associates, and other people in related industries to negotiate the building of mutually beneficial online connections.

At BrisDigital we know that every business is different. This is why our SEO team creates a personalised strategy for every business to help them reach their business goals, no matter how big or small! Talk to us about having an SEO strategy custom developed for your business, free of charge, so you can see where the holes in your current marketing plan are. Get in touch with us today to discuss how SEO can change your change the way you get found online.