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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

So you’ve got a website and all you need is for customers to be able to find your page. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process; it’s just a matter of using the right mix of online marketing tools. You could try promoting the business yourself, but this is going to take you away from you spending time on what really matters, the business itself!

BrisDigital offer Search Engine Marketing management for businesses interested in building their brand’s presence and sales online. Our experience utilizing the major Pay Per Click (PPC) systems including: Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook PPC, gives us the ability to deliver unparalleled results through the development and ongoing optimisation of accounts.

Our small, dedicated team of SEM experts will construct a 100% results focused campaign. A well designed and relevant Pay Per Click campaign will have your website showing on the first page of the major search engines almost immediately. This is a guaranteed way to increase highly targeted, qualified traffic to your website, which will in turn lead to a greater ROI for your business. Some other great benefits of SEM are:

  • Speed – Start funneling traffic to your website straight away.
  • Reach – Your reach is only limited by your budget.
  • Flexibility – It’s easy to change your keywords, calls to action, or target audience.
  • Measurable – All traffic is tracked so you can review the exact return on your investment.

Why Choose BrisDigital for your Search Engine Marketing?

The team at BrisDigital have a strong history of developing and managing Google AdWords and other forms of Search Engine Marketing campaigns. Our knowledge and experience means we can achieve optimal results for you right from the start, maximize your return on every dollar. Before we begin constructing you campaign we will need to discuss the particulars of the business with you, to ensure we target the most relevant and profitable keywords. With this information we will develop an customized search engine marketing strategy to get your business quality traffic in the right stage of the buying cycle, bringing the increase in sales you desire.

Having the BrisDigital foundation of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips will allow you to reach your customers, bring qualified traffic to your site, and help your company easily reach its marketing objectives.

Case Study: Pesky Possum Bird & Pest Control


When Pesky Possum came to BrisDigital, their AdWords campaign was a shambles. Irrelevant targeting and excessive use of only semi-relevant broad-matched terms had their CTR (click-through-rate) consistently coming in at under 2% and their ads ranking so far down the page that few customers were even able to find them.

We rebuilt their entire campaign from scratch. The effect of this combined with a website makeover to improve their landing pages dramatically improved their Google quality scores and their conversion rates. This has enabled Pesky Possum to rank much higher on Google for the same CPC (cost-per-click). Since taking over the account BrisDigital have been able to achieve an average CTR of over 6%, with monthly stats exceeding 10% on occasion. The campaign has been so successful, Pesky Possum have completely dropped their Yellow Pages advertising – saving them over $14k a year! Google AdWords search engine marketing now comprises the majority of their advertising budget, bringing in leads at under 1/3 of the cost per acquisition of their previous marketing method. Pesky Possum Website

The BrisDigital Difference – Quality not Quantity

SEM is not about driving massive amounts of traffic to your site, it’s about getting customers and making sales! That’s why we focus on delivering high converting traffic to your site using expert targeting methods. You don’t want to pay for traffic to your website that is only going to bounce!

Through techniques such as keyword research, conversion optimisation and tracking, and Google Analytics, we can decipher feedback data provided by Google to work out your most valuable keywords, effective advertising times, your key audience demographic, user pathways through your site, and much, much more! By utilizing this information, we can account for every dollar spent, trimming the fat from your marketing campaign and ensuring you the best results possible for your campaign.

Unlike the bigger search marketing managers with hundreds or even thousands of clients and automated programs running the accounts; BrisDigital is a close team of professionals who will focus on your campaign’s specific requirements. We don’t have lock-in contracts or block you from viewing your own account. We are 100% results driven as our business only grows if yours does, so you can rest assured that your account is being continually and meticulously tuned by our dedicated experts.

At BrisDigital we know that every business is different. This is why our search team creates a personalised strategy for every business to help them reach their business goals, no matter how big or small! If you would like more information on how we can help kickstart your Google AdWords or SEM campaigns, contact us today.