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SEO Case Study: RTO Support

The CEO of RTO Support approached us after hearing of the successes we were having with an associate of his at Auscomms Communications. Whilst having fairly consistent traffic throughout most of 2013, the last few month of the year were devastating for RTO Support and their rankings dropping substantially.

In November, traffic fell to a third of the previous months. This prompted the team at RTO Support to start looking for some assistance with their digital marketing. When we found them their site was a mess, their content was old and outdated and their on-site optimization was almost non-existent. After coming up with a strategy to makeover their current site as much as possible while staying within the limitations of the template, we set to work on content creation and link building.

After fixing much of the website’s on-site content, making it easier to read for both visitors and Google, and updating some of the outdated content we set to work building up the number of inbound links to the site and spreading word of the business to relevant websites.

RTOSuportdataAfter only 4 months of SEO, organic traffic was up to over double what it was at the beginning of our campaign. Rod, the CEO of RTO Support was so happy with the results of the rankings increases he said they were struggling to keep up with the influx of new work. Here is what he had to say about working with us:

“These guys were great!!!  I did not know a lot about SEO, just that I needed it to work. These guys did it all, I went from a Zero in the searches to Hero in a few short months. I now have that other problem, too many leads and not enough capacity. Jay and his team are fantastic.”

Because of the overload of enquiries about their registered training organization consulting services we have currently paused off working on their campaign to allow the company some reprieve. A new website is also currently in development for the team at RTO Support. We look forward to the much needed updating of their company website and to working with them again once it is live and they are ready to take on some new work and plenty of new challenges.