Home Questions Will an image set as a heading hurt my seo much?

Will an image set as a heading hurt my seo much?

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Toby Go asked 6 years ago

I have an image on my blog with alt tags.
Would it be better to use text, or is it okay to sacrifice text for a more aesthetic appeal?
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Jay Martin Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Toby,
It’s fine for you to have an image on your blog at the top of the page, but as Google can’t read images it’s better to use text to set your H1 tag around. While you can set your headings around images it is not as effective at showing Google what your focus is, so it’s better to use words instead.

The reasoning behind this is that although Google can read ALT tags, you could upload a picture of something irrelevant e.g. a dinosaur, but just set the ALT tag to read “Rug manufacturing countries” so there is still a chance that Google might get things wrong. If however your H1 heading reads “Rug Manufacturing Countries” Google knows 100% that is what your page is going to be about.

This will likely be the case for the next few years until Google’s automated image recognition is advanced enough to decipher what any picture is, without needing manual help.