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New Model Swegway hits Australia in time for Christmas

eblade swegway

All of us at here at BrisDigital love a little bit of geek chic, and something hi-tech and heaps of fun we’re super excited about are the latest model swegways! You’ve probably seen the older models on Vines, Instagram and Reddit, with celebrities such as Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and Brooklyn Beckham being among those who like to show off their hoverboard riding skills to their fans online. What really thrilling for us though is that the latest model update of the self-balancing scooters are now available in Australia.

Gone are the dated, round and somewhat ugly looks of the original model electric skateboards. The newest swegways (also sometimes referred to as swagways) have much sharper lines and feature updated technology from Samsung such as a high-powered lithium-ion battery. These aesthetic and technological updates on an already incredible and advanced machine make for a really fun and entertaining new gadget to play with. The new self balancing scooters are available from eBlade and we’re really stoked to be working with them to help market them in Australia.

some swegways by the waterThe team at eBlade have been working with suppliers overseas to bring the latest in high-tech transport to your doorstep sooner. With custom colour ordering and two different models, the eBlade Classic with 6.5 inch wheels and the eBlade Ultra with 8 inch wheels and top mounted LED lighting strips, you’ll be spoiled for choice when making your order.

All eBlades come with a special HoverBeatz Bluetooth speaker inside so you can listen to your favourite tunes while riding around, or even just use the swegway as a stereo when convenient. The LEDs on the eBlade Ultra even flash and change colour in sync with you music! Could these things even get any more awesome? The hoverboards use the same gyroscopic balancing technology from the original scooters, similar to that use on the traditional segways but with a different sensor on each individual foot.

eblade swegway options
The two different Swegway models on offer, the eBlade Classic and Ultra

By pushing down ever so slightly with your toes you can propel the unit forward, and leaning back on your heals does the reverse. To turn in a circle you simple push down with your toes on one foot and with your heel on the other. Riding the boards takes about 10 minutes to get the hang on, but after you master it movement on the boards becomes completely natural and you’ll be able to cruise around and dodgy obstacles without even thinking about it.

If you’re looking for a new toy to play with this Christmas season or want to find the perfect gift that is sure to impress, check out the swegways at eblade.com.au and make a purchase that will make your, or someone else very special to you’s, year.