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New BrisDigital Q&A Section

Are you frustrated with your online marketing efforts? Need advice and guidance on what to do next?

BrisDigital have always tried to help the global community whenever they can. From aiding charities and contributing the successful running of local community events; to working on ethical projects to help protect the earth such a our upcoming Grow Your Neighbourhood project; to running the SEO Advice Australia Facebook group to help small business owners learn about online marketing.

Now we are proud to announce the release of a Question & Answer section on the BrisDigital website, where webmasters and business owners can come and ask us specific questions about their digital marketing problems, and we can offer them advice, recommendations and solutions.

questionThe new feature can be found under the Community tab at the top of our homepage, and will allow anyone to sign in via their any one of their social media accounts and ask any marketing, programming, or website related questions that they might have.

If you’re a small business owner and you have some concerns about the direction your business is heading in, head on over to our Community page and take a look. You can also peruse questions and answers from others that may be relevant to your situation as well.