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Digital Marketing in 2014 and Beyond

Over the last year the online marketing world was shaken to its knees by an onslaught of vicious Pandas and Penguins. Old SEO tactics have been destroyed and the online marketing game has changed completely. Google will continue to refine their search capabilities, and you can rest assured that many more algorithm “adjustments” are in the works. As their algorithm evolves one thing is clear, no business is safe from the panic and devastation that an update can bring. That is the number one reason why now, more than ever, businesses need to diversify their online marketing strategies.digitalmarketing

SEO is becoming more and more involving and decidedly intricate. While Google funnels its user base towards Pay Per Click Advertising, Google Plus and more local search results via Google Places, all while making their organic search results harder to manipulate; many new variables have come into play.

The increasing power of social signals has seen a huge advance in the development of Social Media Marketing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, Pintrest… the list goes on. Several or all of these mediums can bring significant value to your business if your campaigns are managed correctly. Another benefit of a well-developed social media strategy is that it can remove dependence on Google. This means that even if your rankings ever do suffer for whatever reason, you won’t lose the entirety of your Internet traffic. Diversifying is the key a long-lasting and safe online marketing strategy.

Social Media is a great way to disseminate information, which ties in with the creation of quality content. Not only is blogging great from bringing traffic to your website, but it can also help build your website’s authority through the natural accruement of back links, otherwise known as link building. The introduction of Google’s Authorship brings another factor into the SEO mix, where articles can now rank organically often above company websites, based on the content’s relevance to keywords and the writer’s Author Rank, a measure of their past content’s quality.

Long gone are the days of attaining easy organic rankings through the now defunct SEO methods such as directory submissions or forum signature links. To maximize effect, today’s SEO requires complete integration of all aspects of a business’ online presence.

Are you creating synergy between all your promotional activities via a comprehensive and holistic marketing strategy? If not then take a look at how we can help boost your business, or give us a call to discuss your potential options.