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SEO Case Study: Wall Vision

UPDATE 5/5/2014: Despite their rankings successes, Wall Vision have suspended operations as of last week due to issues not related to their marketing activity.

Wall Vision came to BrisDigital in need of assistance with their online marketing in early December last year. Their website had been online since September 2013, but they were unsure of what steps to take to get people to visit it and start making sales. Our team put together a detailed proposal and strategy for them after analyzing their site structure, the self-adhesive wall art/wall mural market, and their main competitors.

We began working on the campaign on the 6th of December and after defining our keyword targets, correcting some aesthetics and usability issues with the site, and building out some content we set up and launched a Google AdWords marketing campaign. The purpose of the AdWords was to bring in instant traffic to the site while it was increasing in rank. Before we started work with Wall Vision they were not indexed (showing on the top 10 pages of Google) for any of their target keywords, one month later they were indexed for over half of them and on the verge of pushing onto the first page for several of their main targets.

Wall Vision Analytics data showing the rise in Non-paid Search Traffic (Organic) from December 2013 until late-March 2014.
Wall Vision Analytics data showing the rise in Non-paid Search Traffic (Organic) from December 2013 until late-March 2014.

By the start of February Wall Vision were up in the top 3 for several of their main keywords including “Wall Murals” which, with 1600 searches in Australia per month and high relevance to their product line, was our primary target. At the time of writing we have successfully solidified our spot in the number 1 position for this keyword and have several others in the top 10 including: “Wallpaper Mural” in position 2 (880 searches per month), “Murals” in position 4 (720), “Photo Wallpaper” in position 5 (390), “Wall Mural” in position 2 (260) and “Self-Adhesive Wallpaper” in position 8 (210).

The owner’s of Wall Vision have been overjoyed with the success of their campaign to date, from having a site with absolutely no traffic at all to making regular sales and getting a constant stream of enquiries in just over 3 months. Here’s what they had to say about their experience working with us:

The team from BrisDigital presented us with a professional, well-developed strategy to increase our page visits and grow our sales. They worked closely with us and we now have significant ranking on Google, along with assisting us to make important changes to our website for a better customer experience. Their communication is great, and it’s the little things that make the difference. We would recommend BrisDigital to anyone wanting to increase their digital presence online.

The owner’s of Wall Vision are not the only ones who have been thrilled by the success of this campaign. To achieve such results in only 3 months is phenomenal and the BrisDigital team are all ecstatic with the success of the campaign thus far. We look forward to the continued success of the Wall Vision campaign and are excited about what the future holds for the company.

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