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Predictions for SEO in 2018

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing. This is mainly informed by the ever changing web behavior and expectations of online users, based on their online experience. On the other hand, Google is constantly updating their algorithms, to match up with the changing online user behaviors.

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Transfer 0.5 Bitcoin Spam

keyboard with the word scam showing

There is a new spam email scam that has just recently started doing the rounds. The email will repeatedly send from different email addresses (showing different Bitcoin accounts to send money to as well) asking for 0.5BTC to be sent to an address to help a friend who is seriously ill but can be still be saved if money for

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5 Killer Tips For A Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Advertisements Tips

We all agree that the introduction of Facebook was a game changer in the marketing industry. The cost, coverage and ease of use are incredible. It’s very cost easy and cost effective to advertise your business on Facebook.  Facebook is a leading social media platform in terms of features, insights, features, and provides the perfect advertising platform. But not everyone

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How to choose the best SEO Company?

google five stars

Choosing between different SEO providers can be a daunting task. Because the industry is largely unregulated there are a lot of sharks, and different companies offer such different packages that it is often hard to compare. We often hear from our clients about horrible experiences they have had with previous SEO companies. While it’s not easy to understand all the

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